There’s a new phone app out there that parents just LOVE! Now, kids can’t ignore their parent’s phone calls thanks to the app “Ignore No More!” This app actually blocks a child’s phone from everything but calling their parents, or an emergency number like 911. The parent simply activates the lock on their phone if they sense they are being ignored. It deactivates all texting and internet usage until the parent unlocks the phone. One parent’s phone can lock numerous phones in their household, and add as many kids as they need too! They can even determine which numbers are considered “emergency contacts.”

Check this out! If a kid tries to get rid of the lock, the parent gets notified! Lucky for all of you iPhone users, because the app is only available for Samsung, Nexus, HTC, and LG phones. This all just seems a tad over bearing to me… I get the parent’s frustration… but REALLY!?!?!


I guess adults always want to teach their kids a lesson! HAHA Check out this video!