Heart and Sole Hiking Program

This February is the month of Heart & Sole for the West Virginia State Parks and State Forests. Join us at North Bend State Park to take park in this self-guided hiking program!

Keep track of how many miles that you walk or hike in any West Virginia state park or state forest in the month of February. Make sure to take notes of how many miles are totaled (please hike more than 2 miles), the park or forest in which you hike as well as the names of the trails that you travel! Please feel free to send a story about why you hike, enjoy parks and forests, or some amusing experience while hiking or at a state park.

Send your Heart & Sole accomplishments to the email below:


Please include your name and mailing address with your information

If US Postal service is preferred, send your information to:

West Virginia State Parks

c/o Heart & Sole

324 4th Avenue

South Charleston, WV 25303

In early to mid-March you will receive a hiking medallion in the US mail.