Do You Drink Celsius Drinks? You Could Get Up To $250 From A Settlement

If you ever bought the Celsius energy drink, you could be eligible to get some money from a settlement that has accused the company of misleading labeling.

Customers who bought Celsius claim that the cans show a "no preservatives" disclaimer but they contain citric acid. Celsius stated that the citric acid is added for flavor and is not used a preservative. There wasn't a ruling for either side but Celsius has agreed to a "settlement that will allow both parties to avoid further litigation." For customers, this means that anyone who has bought a Celsius drink could be eligible for up to $250 but to get this amount you must show proof of purchase. If you don't have proof of purchase then customers can get up to $20.

So if you have bought a Celsius drink between January 1, 2015- November 23, 2022 you can submit a claim for the settlement. Claims must be submitted by February 13, 2024 and for more details, click here.

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