You Can Preorder These 'Star Wars' Barbie Dolls Right Now


If you're a Star Wars fan, or a Barbie collector, or even just someone who loves badass women, then this is your time to shine.

Mattel, the company that created Barbie, and Star Wars have teamed up for some INCREDIBLE one of a kind Barbie dolls that are inspired by Star Wars: A New Hope.

If the dolls look familiar, but like something is a bit off from what you remember from Star Wars, well, that's because that's the whole purpose. The dolls are re-imagined iconic characters, with a high fashion twist.

And I have to say, I think they nailed this one right on the head.

I mean, how incredible do these dolls look?!

The three dolls - that are available for pre-order now on Amazon - are reimaginations of your favorite characters: Princess Leia, Darth Vader, and R2-D2.

Of course the dolls don't look exactly like the characters you see in your mind, but that's because of the high fashion touches like sunglasses, purses, jewelry, and makeup.

While the Barbie dolls are available to preorder right away, they won't start shipping until November 18 — which means they will arrive just in time for the holidays.

Each doll costs a whopping $100, which is somewhat understandable as they are collectibles, after all. But it seems the price tag isn't stopping most people who want to get their hands on these dolls - they have already made it into the top 20 of Amazon's best-selling dolls since their launch yesterday.

I was thinking about getting one, or more, of these dolls for my kids but after realizing just how pricey they are... I think I will hold off. But maybe get one for my husband since they are collectibles and he does love Star Wars. Then some day he could pass it down to the kids, right?

Who will be heading to Amazon right now to preorder their Star Wars Barbie?!

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