This Mom Just Ran A Marathon While Pushing 3 Kids In A Stroller


Little known fact about me, I used to run a lot. I competed in races here and there - the longest one having been a half marathon - and I think people who are able to complete marathons are incredible! It takes a lot of time and training and mental drive.

And then I read about this mom who pushed her three children in a stroller throughout her marathon and... well I think all other marathon runners should just sit down because this woman (and every other woman who has ever done this, because, yes, there are others!) are the real champs.

Cynthia Arnold is the latest of these super moms to complete a marathon while pushing her kids in a stroller, and actually just broke a Guinness World Record for this very race.

She broke the Guinness World Record last year for the fastest half-marathon while pushing a three-person stroller. This year she did the same for the full marathon.

Hey Cynthia, just wondering, is there anything you can't do??!

Cynthia's kids are 6, 4 and 1 years old, and this year she was aiming for a marathon time of four hours and six minutes, or less, which would set the record time for pushing a triple stroller.

Not only did Cynthia beat the four hour and six minute record... she completed the 26.2 miles while pushing a triple stroller in an incredible THREE HOURS and ELEVEN MINUTES. Meaning she beat the record by nearly an hour.

Cynthia told Runner's World that her kids love going along for her training runs with her because of where they live:

“We live in rural Montana and see lots of wildlife on the bike path right out my door... I keep a pretty consistent routine and see some regular commuters each day, and the kids like saying hello to the cyclists.”

Cynthia is still waiting on the official word from Guinness World Records that she is the new record holder, but it seems pretty safe to say that she blew the other record out of the water, so it's just a matter of time before she is fully recognized.

You go girl!!!

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