Solo Flies Into Theaters Can Fans Handle The Pew-Pew? (Spoiler Free Review)

One of the most charming scoundrels in the galaxy jumps to the silver screen with Solo: A Star Wars Story. Setting itself up in the same timeframe-ish as Rogue One, we find a young Han Solo (Alden Ehrenreich) with a glint of future in his eye and the cocky grin that is his signature. On the planet of Corellia, he races through the streets fighting to survive a harsh environment and escape the clutches of crime lords and the shadow of the Empire.

Surviving and escaping turn into the same thing as Han looks for every loophole and hatch for a chance to own his own ship and return to his home planet for something that was lost. After finding a certain Wookie, he makes a lateral move by joining a thieving gang led by a man named Beckett (Woody Harrelson). Putting all of his chips in, he enters the criminal life and all it entails.

Charged with an almost impossible mission, he sets out to find a spaceship able to accomplish the daunted goal. Led to a gambling hall and a Sabaac table pits his grit and grin with a smooth con-man by the name of Lando Calrissian (Donald Glover). A man of many qualities, he also happens to own a souped-up space freighter like no other.

Life and money both on the line show true character and determination from each criminal. On a schedule, we find delivering a shipment, with lives on the line, doesn’t seem far-fetched for these rogues. And while the young Solo is still somewhat bright-eyed and trusting compared to his older self, we soon learn that Han was born to win, at any cost.

Reviewing this film without spoilers is a bit hard, the amount of fun things that pop-up in this film is quite surprising, especially if you are a true and hardcore fan. Yes, it had multitudes of “Pew-Pew” for the sci-fi action junkies, but more importantly, it has many hidden facts and easter eggs for questions that have been buzzing in minds since Episode IV. We witness the relationships that define Solo, man, and machine. Understanding comes as the term “Parsec” comes to a full and illuminated definition. And a full understanding of the man to come is rounded out with experiences and choices that lead to the galaxies greatest under-handed under-dog, Han Solo.

Will you or should you watch the film? Of course, you should; movies are part of the everyday lexicon that makes up today's pop culture. Dare you be unprepared to speak on the film at the water cooler, no you daren't. Give in to the film and the fun it contains. While it's not a perfect story, it's the one we've been asking for. Filled with smiles from the past and notes from the future. The only real complaint I have is that Alden's voice isn't the low and gravely timbre of Harrison Ford, but who knows; maybe in the future, he drinks some bad blue milk or a Tusken Raider drink with too much spice that'll give the bass I seek. (Nerd Level 10)

Grade: B

MPAA Rating: PG-13

Running Time: 2hr 23min

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