Dua Lipa Talks New Track "Houdini," Her Role in the 'Barbie' Movie & More

Dua Lipa is here in the studio (and with gorgeous new red hair!) After getting huge news that she was nominated for two 2024 Grammys for her smash hit "Dance the Night" from the Barbie soundtrack, including Song of the Year.

The singer chatted about her involvement in the film, not only contributing with the music but had a cameo as Mermaid Barbie. "I got asked to be Mermaid Barbie by Greta [Gerwig]," Dua Lipa told Ryan Seacrest about her film acting debut, even though she joked it only being one line.

When creating the song for the film, she shared she was approached by Mark Ronson to write it specifically for the movie's dance scene.

"How do you write a song that's going to help tell the story as well?" the "Dance the Night" writer and singer shared about the pressure of creating a score for a film. "I needed to write a song that had all the excitement of the best day ever" to keep the positivity of the movie since the song was during a time when Barbie was having negative feelings.

Dua shared that when they finished the song's draft, they watched the song along with the dance scene of the film and wanted to tailor the song to match a certain part of the where Barbie (Margot Robbie) does a move with her hands motioning to come here, to which Dua says they changed the line to say "come along for the ride?"

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Her new track "Houdini" comes in a new Dua Lipa era following her 2020 album Future Nostalgia. Seacrest asked what this new era represents for Dua. "It represents sort of the best phases or stages of singledom, right?" Dua responded by saying "I think it's just more like the different feelings and emotions that you have throughout the period of the singledom."

"It's kind of just a play on words obviously like using Houdini like a verb like this is great or I'm going to Houdini out of here" Dua Lipa on the song's meaning.

She chatted about the song's meaning and when she wiped out her Instagram to prepare for this track's release. Tanya Rad asked how it felt when she purged the account and removing all her old posts. "It was the best feeling ever." Sisanie asked if she archived or deleted the posts... and even if she did just archive instead of delete, she expressed that they're not coming back!

Dua Lipa life hack: she shared that Instagram has a feature to select multiple posts you want to archive or delete!

Watch the full interview above and check out "Houdini" below!

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