Airlines Must Now Issue A Refund For Delayed Or Cancelled Flights

This week the Department of Transportation announced that airlines must now "issue a refund to all customers impacted by cancelled or substantially delayed flights." According to the Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg, these new rules will make it easier for people to get the refunds they deserve for dealing with the travel frustrations.

"The Biden-Harris administration is now going to require airlines to give passengers an automatic cash refund if your flight is canceled or significantly delayed," he said in a video announcement, as seen below. "And you'll get your fee refunded if your bag doesn't arrive in time, or if you don't get a service you paid for like Wi-Fi."

Refunds will be given for significant delayed flights if they are 3 hours or more for domestic flights or 6 hours or more for international flights. Instead of having to go back and forth with a representative, there will be automatic refunds so you don't have to do anything at all. And these rules also apply to if you buy flights from travel agents and travel companies like Expedia. So if a customer experiences a significant flight delay or cancellation they will be refunded only if they don't "accept alternative transportation or travel credits." These new rules will go into effect within the next 6 months and those who get refunds will see it within 7 days of the canceled or delayed flight. For more, click here.

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