9 Labor Nurses At Same Hospital Were Pregnant At The Same Time


Picture this: not only are you and one of your coworkers pregnant at the same time... but you and EIGHT of your coworkers are pregnant at the same time.

And not only that... but you're ALL nurses who help deliver babies for a living.


Nine labor nurses were all pregnant at the same time - and have since all given birth - at one hospital in Maine, and now the babies are posting for photos together and it is SO sweet to see.

I can't imagine having been pregnant alongside even one or two of my coworkers, so picturing going through my pregnancy with that many of my friends and coworkers is wild. Not to mention helping deliver babies every single day while pregnant with your own!

The nurses all work at Maine Medical Center in Portland, Maine, and were first given a cute shout out from the hospital's Facebook page back when it was revealed there were nine of them pregnant at the same time:


In the picture, you see all the nurses holding a sign with their due dates, ranging from April to July.

All the nurses have given birth now, and brought their babies together for a massive photo shoot with photographer Carly Murray.

“It was so much fun photographing this group of 9 labor and delivery nurses from Maine!” Carly told PEOPLE.

Not only did Carly get shots of the new babies, but also some of each of the moms with their new babies.Carly also shared in her caption on Instagram of the sweet photos how much she appreciates the work these women do:

"These ladies all work together and delivered their babies between April and July. I hope someday these babies know just how special the work their mama's do is. My kids are 11 and 9 now but I am still so thankful for the L&D nurses that were by my side when I delivered them."

And it's so true!! Labor and Delivery nurses do such incredible work.

Congratulations to all these moms for their new little arrivals!!!

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