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Thursday 22 May: Is It Fair To Just Bring Your Child Gift And Treats To School And Not The Whole Classroom!

Tuesday 21 May: This Lady Has The Internet Going Crazy Because She Has A Particular Way Of Coming Up With A Name For Her Unborn Child!

Monday 20, May: Does Diddy Or Any Celebrity Deserve a Second Chance? Or Do They Get A Break Because Of The Fame!

Thursday 16, May: A Woman In A Relationships Questions Whether Her BF Has Her Best Interest In Mind By Telling Her What To Wear!

On today's show, Billy sees the craziest thing at the mall while shopping ! And, we get a disturbing confession from a lady. She says that her man is telling her this one thing, and she thinks it might be controlling! Find out in the "Dirty Little Secret". Not to mention, in the "Hot Take" is it ever ok for your man to tell you what you should be wearing? Also, in a dramtic first we take an athlete to Candice Court! So tune and check it out we have all that and so much more!

Wednesday 15, May: A Lady Tells Her Husband That Anyone Will Cheat If Given The Opportunity And The Internet Is Divided!

Tuesday 14, May: A Mom Is Debating On Should She Just Take Her Kid On A Vacay And Leave The Step Kids With Their Dad Since They Aren't Hers!

On today's show!  Have you ever gone to a wedding an experienced something absolutley crazy? You won't believe what happened to some people. Also, a lady is worried that her parents won't like her boyfriend. She tells us why in the "Dirty Little Secret". And , this mom is wondering if she should take a trip to Disneyland with only her child not her stepkids! We discuss why in the "Hot Take " of the day! Not to mention, a guy is in the hot seat when he went out after his girl told him she didn't want to be exclusive. Wait til you hear the verdict on "Candice Court". All that and so much more on this fun filled show!

Monday 13, May: A Girl Is Out Shopping In Very Little Clothing While Checking Out A Guy Snap A Photo Is This Creepy Or Her Own Fault?

On today's show its time for "Real or Fake" headlines with all thats going on in the world you never know what is what! Also, this bride to be has a confession on what she must do about one of her bridesmaids. You won't believe what it is find out in the "dirty little secret". And, a girl is out shopping and barely has on any clothing a guy snaps a pic and the internet is split on who's fault it is. Wait til' you her our point of view in the "hot take" of the day! Women came out with a list that might be the blueprint for us guys, check it out and so much more right here in this fun filled show!

Friday 10, May: A Lady Is Upset That She Is Now Paying For Her For Engagement Ring Now That She Married

Wednesday 8, May: The Boy Scouts Are Changing Their Name As To Just Scouting To Be Inclusive But Alot Of People Don't Agree!

On today's show ! What steps have you taken to try and keep someone in your life? Well, this guy calls in and wait to you hear what he did on the "Dirty Little Secret". Not to mention, the Boy Scouts of America decided to change their name. Many folks disagree with the idea of this re-branding, we dive in and give our opinion on the "Hot Take" of the day. Also, have you ever caught a significant other cheating? You won't believe the ways some people have been caught! We have that and so much more on a fun filled show! 

Tuesday 8, May: There Is A Heavy Debate Online Where Women Must Choose Whom To Be Alone In the Forest With A Man Or A Bear !