Let's Discuss Success Stories That Have Come From "Bachelor In Paradise"


Bachelor In Paradise is kinda known for being a train wreck of a show, everyone is crying and hooking up with each other. It's just hot mess express. A la last night's episode.

However, I wanted to take the time to point out that there are just as many married couples out of BIP as there are from the actual Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise. And it's only the sixth season of BIP and there have been 20+ seasons of the other shows.

Bachelor/Bachelorette we've got:

  • Trist and Ryan
  • Sean and Catherine
  • Ashley and JP
  • Desiree and Chris
  • Arie and Lauren


Bachelor In Paradise we've got:

  • Crystal and Chris
  • Jade and Tanner
  • Carly and Evan
  • Jared and Ashley


I feel like there is even high success rate from BIP than on the actual shows themselves. So, I'm gonna say I think we will get one marriage out of this current season. Any predictions?!


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